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Magic Dye


Magic Dye Mix has been designed to reduce the costs involved in auto-sequencing, by reducing the amount of dye-terminators needed in a reaction. Many sequencing reactions leaveup to 80% of dye-terminators unused, which normally require removal prior to sequencing.

Magic Dye Mix addresses this inefficiency, by providing the necessary reaction conditions to allow for a lower proportion of dye-terminator in the reaction mix, hence reducing the amount of unused dye terminators that need removal, and thus allowing many more reactions from every purchase of dye-terminator.

Auto-Sequencing Diluent

It works by providing optimal buffer conditions which allow up to a 5-fold dilution of dye-terminator without any loss in sequencing quality. Magic Dye is suitable for sequencing of both Plasmid and PCR templates and requires no optimisation. ffers extensive scientific know-how with many years of experience in the set-up of biotechnology enterprises.


Reduces requirement for BigDye
Magic Dye Mix can reduce auto-sequencing costs significantly
Supplied in ready-to-use format



Storage Conditions

Magic Dye Mix will remain stable at -20C in a constant-temperature freezer.